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Thus Says The Lord, Our Mighty God,To Kenya & The World, Here On This Lovely Saturday Evening, February 23rd, 2013:
(International Copyright 2010 - 2013 :Thomas Manton IV : Dominion International  : All Rights Reserved)

  1. Thus Says The Lord: “Uhuru Kenyatta Is My Choice To Be Kenya’s Next And Fourth President Of Kenya.I have chosen Uhuru Kenyatta, says the Lord, as the one that I will work with for the betterment and development of the Kenyan Nation and People and all of its Societies. I have the well-being of the Nation and its People at the fore-front in priority. The ‘good’and great development of the Kenyan people and the Nationand its Societies is of utmost importance now, beyond anything, or anyone else. 

  2. I Will Eventually Overturn the ICC Issue.What has been set up against Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and perhaps even others by the accusatory criminal charges against those who have been accused and charged is in actual reality, very counter-productive to My own plan for Kenya in this next season. Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are not particularly the ones to be blamed for the horrific-violence that occurred in early 2008 in Kenya. This may seem like a shocking statement to some, but is, in fact, reality. I have chosen these two men to now take the Nation of Kenya and its People to the next-level that I have ordained. So what good is having these two gentlemen in court, being accused of heinous-crimes, when in actual fact, they were not the ones that were behind the onslaught of violence that was directed toward, and coming against their communities. Think long and hard about that and you will see the reality of what I am saying. And I say here now, declares the Lord, that the very thing that was set up to try to discredit the legitimacy of these two-men running for the highest two political-offices in Kenya, I will eventually overturn. That which also marred the image of Kenya internationally, I will overturn it too. I willoverturn the onslaught from the system and individuals that put this forward. And I will overturn the case. This attack was conspired and set up against them in biased ways, fraudulently, from the beginning.

  3. Lessons Can Be Learned By The Masses Because Of The International-Spotlight That Has Been Put On Kenya Because Of The Post-Election Violence That Occurred In Early 2008.  What the devil meant for evil, I am turning now for good, in every way, says the Lord!God says it is injustice if it were to hurt Kenya speaking specifically about regarding the ICC proceedings, you have already seen some strange developments regarding witnesses and postponements of the proceedings. I had to cause this to make way for Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto to win the Presidential Election. You see this miracle in motion before all of your eyes. And I will finish it too, says the Lord! No one would have thought from the outset that these developments would even ever happen. No one could have ever thought that these proceedings would be maneuvered by Me. But now you see it, says the Lord. And again, I will continue doing this for My desired result.

  4. I Caused The Local-Tribunal Option To Fail Because It Would Have Been Corrupted Locally Against My Interests, Says The Lord.  And the International Criminal Court will not be able to get it through either, because it is not My Will that these men be convicted for what they actually did not institute or originate. Who ever thought that the matter would get to a stalemate now, even for Mr. Mauthaura too? But I say here to you, says the Lord thatI am not done with the whole thing yet, and I will do much more to diffuse the entire-situation. It will be amazing as to how things will even turn yet much worse for the Prosecutors and issues regarding witnesses, and purported evidence, etc.

  5. Officially, TheLegitimacy Of Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta And Mr. William Ruto Running For President And Vice President Respectively Has Been Cleared And Sanctioned By Kenya’s Courts.The Courts said we cannot stand in the way of them running. This was quite an amazing development. And no Local Tribunal could ever get officially organized, because it would have also gotten locally corrupted againstMr. Kenyatta And Mr. Ruto somehow. Again, if you think long and hard about that, you will also see the reality of this.  At the bottom of it all, I just was not going to allow anything to stand in their way.

  6. The International Criminal Court Will Not Be Able To Fully Stick-It To These Men, Because I Do Not Desire Them To Do So.  Again, Kenyans and others, Hear Me! Learn your valuable-lessons now from all of this mess; and donot ever repeat the same violence again against your own people!  Anyone that would want to argue with this does not really see the big-picture. Regardless of what men think, My Ways are not your ways. My Thoughts are not your thoughts. They are higher than yours, and need no justification from man. I am saying that I have My Own Plan. And I know exactly who is pliable and flexible and has the right motivation and heart to do what I want to be done in Kenya. No one is perfect, of course, except Me. But the one(s)I the Lord feel will be the one(s) that will do the most for the well-being of the Kenyan people are the logical and obvious choice(s) for the Elective Office(s) that must be filled now. And so be it now to and for My Will!

  7. God First Spoke Audibly To Me, In Latter 2010, The Name Of The Man Who Will Be Elected As Kenya’s Next And Fourth President.  There, in latter 2010, was the actual first-time that I heard the Lord say Uhuru Kenyatta’s name aloud to me, regarding who would be the winner of Kenya’s next Presidential Election. I was in prayer that day, and as I was exiting my Prayer-Time with the Holy Spirit, it somehow strangely got into my mind right then to ask Him who it was that would actually become the next President of Kenya. Astoundingly, without even a millisecond of hesitation, God spoke back to me instantly, as soon as I finished my question to Him, with the name ‘Uhuru Kenyatta’. I was a bit amazed right then that God spoke so immediately, confidently, forcefully and audibly. After hearing Him say that, I was feeling kind of like: “Oh My God!”  Should I have even asked Him then? Well, in reality, it was very appropriate and it was His perfect Will that I did. Afterwards, I have never told even a single-soul on Earth, until now, this week, when He has finally released me to speak it out publicly! Six more times since the Holy Spirit spoke to me audibly in latter 2010, He has told me again clearly that Uhuru Kenyatta is His choice to be the Republic of Kenya’s next and fourth President. at least God has spoken to me audibly, out loud confirming to me that Uhuru Kenyatta will win the elections. And He has said that he is God’s own choice out of the pick of the candidate aspirants. He is the one that He feels is necessary to be there in office, and he is the one He is going to work with. He said he is the one that has got the right mind, the temperament and the right motive and heart to do it for Hi Glory and for the benefit of the Kenyan Nation and its People. Nothing beyond that really matters now about that. That is the heart of the issue.

  8. On December 13th, 2002, While In London, England, God Spoke To Me That Mr. Mwai Kibaki Would Be Elected As Kenya’s Next And Third President Of The Republic Of Kenya.  Two weeks before the then upcoming Presidential Election, on December 13th, 2002, God spoke to me about Mwai Kibaki winning the Presidential Election. He then said that he was God’s chosen-one for that new era of development for the Nation. Mr. Kibaki was clearly the man who was ready then for the big-job at hand that really needed to be done then. And he definitely had it all in his mind to work tirelessly and brilliantly for Kenya. And he certainly has! Look at all of the great and marvelous work he has done!

  9. Later, In 2007, Though All Hell Was About To Break Loose At The Very End Of The Year, Unbeknownst To The Masses; The Lord Decided Clearly To Let Mr. Kibaki Continue Working For Kenyans As Their President.  Mr. Kibaki’s campaign sloganin 2007 was quite appropriately: “Let my work continue! Let me continue working for you, Kenya!”This was a very humble and very accurate motto and slogan for his re-election campaign. It is really all about the work one will do anyway, always. True-work is never for vain-glory or self-serving agendas. It is only legitimate if it is serving people well, for their prosperity and improvement and development. It is never about any man or any personality. The same goes for Ministry. Anybody doing anything in Ministry must have the goal and dream of serving God and man well, or their sitting in any particular related-office is not legitimate. It is all about what God is doing through the person for the people. The vessel is just the vessel. So should it also be in the Government arena. The elected-official is there to serve the people of the nation well. They cannot be there to serve themselves, just for what he or she wants. Whenever you see any man or woman just wanting to have their own way for their own selfish reasons, or for their own egos or agendas or self-serving power, they are certainly not legitimate for that office. They are in the wrong place for that. Lust for power or prominence, or the same for their own people, and for this and that, is clearly and emphatically wrong and inappropriate. The ‘job’ is to be done as selflessly as is possible, for the better good for the society, period! Anyone with wrong or lustful motivations will be disqualified by God. Selah...

  10. I Had Two Visions That Appeared Inside Televised-Broadcasts. The First Vision:I saw in the television-news the group of Presidential Candidates in clips. And when they showed Uhuru Kenyatta there, I heard the Lord say aloud ‘President’ Kenyatta. I heard the Voice of the Lord call him the President. This was a few weeks ago. This was a prophetic-vision in reality, before the reality becomes a fact. My God! When God said that to me in the vision, in a public place nonetheless, the atmosphere got charged around about him inside that video television clip. The Voice of the Lord said ‘President Kenyatta’. So shall it be. And the same news-media organizations and others around the Worldwill call him by that Title. So it shall be done.

  11. The Second Vision! I Saw An Angel Of The Lord Come And Stand Behind Uhuru Kenyatta.  I was watching a particular TV Clip, again, as I was out in a public-place. This TV news-clip showed Mr. Kenyatta standing speaking in the Presidential-Debate. Suddenly, as I watched, I went into a vision, and I saw an Angel of the Lord standing behind Mr. Kenyatta, and again, he Angel had a special-book in his hand. His hair was glistening. This Angel of the Lord appearedin the room, standing right behind him. I know he was there already, but God opened my eyes to see him standing there then. The sprit-world was now visible to me, and open to my gaze. But for a very important reason. I wanted to shout when I saw the Angel, but I could not because I was in a public-place. It was so heavenly and so glorious, what I was actually seeing. But again, I was in a public-place, so I did not even utter a sound. I just looked. This Angel was standing very close behind Mr. Kenyatta. Specifically, he had glistening hair, a glorious countenance, and fixed-eyes looking down at a book he was holding. The book he was holding was open. And he was reading the words written, in front of his glorious-gaze down at the pages. I then discerned and realized that the words written in this book had been written in Heaven. The Angel of the Lord was somehow taking the words from those pages and supernaturally communicating them to Mr. Kenyatta. It appeared as though the necessary and vital information in this book that was written in Heaven was getting into Mr. Kenyatta by God’s own design and grace. The agenda for the nation, the agenda for the presidency, the agenda’s for the new government; and all of their implementation would sovereignly happen for the nation and the people by the grace and power of God. The Lord’s own agenda’s for Kenya’s development and progression will be supernaturally and naturally implemented! And so it shall be.

  12. God Is Turning-Away People’s Preferences That Are Based Solely On Ethnicity, Tribe Or Personality.I have to say this again here: “In spite of man, and/or whoever or whatever, God Himself is selecting people to work for Him and the people solely for the purpose of bettering the nation’s people and societies.People have tended to see the tribe, and/or the personality. They have looked at ‘man’. Too many wanted to either pretend to love or hate a man based on theirtribe or personality or popularity. Some popularity was also induced by many forces too. That is an entirely different issue to discuss though, isn’t it! Some have wanted to fight even, and accuse another, based on tribal-strife and hatred’s toward another group of people. Hating another tribe, and continued ‘tribe against tribe’, is inheritantly evil. Let us also say here that some just need to rid themselves of some evil-traits; and thus, they’ll be more acceptable and pleasant to be ‘friends’ with.

  13. Let Us Get This Straight Here Right Now, Folks; God Is Moving Kenya’s Societies Toward Peace And Diverse-Acceptance And Love For And Toward Each Other, And This Is Ultimately For The Good Of Everybody.  All of the carnal and demonic behaviours that are rampantly moving in and through just -too many- people must now be stopped, says the Lord! Let us all get that straight right here and right now. I have the big-picture in My Mind and Heart for this nation and its people. If you think some guy is going to wake up one day and is going to be some perfect-person or perfect-candidate for something, please know that is not possible! Again, no one is perfect besides Me! If you all here in Kenya think it isperhaps all about your tribe or whatever, you are sadly mistaken! But I do seek for particular men and women that I know will get done what I want to be done. I also know very well who will not get done what I want to be done! You have seemed to have preferred too much in the past, your own tribesman rather than any other well-suited individual from another community. So you have gone out to vote along your own tribal and ethnic-lines, and even against another who you didn’t prefer to get in. And that is not wrong if your choice actually happens to be My choice! But if it is not, then we have a problem, don’t we! Nevertheless, I will see to it now that someone other than one from your own tribe will become a little bit easierfor you to accept as My choice. This will really happen inside the conscience of your society, as time goes on forward, from now onward. I will keep on eradicating and working on erasing tribal-divisions and lines of hatred that your culture has dictated to you from former-days. So over the next ensuing several years I will have your people lighten-up, and accept what it is I am doing, even for your own good and bright future. So shall it be.

  14. Remember This, Political-Parties Are Man-Made; But Good Political-Movements Are God-Made.People really do not have true-allegiancetoward political-parties. They only have allegiance toward the people and personalities that are within those political-parties. People really do not care what the name of the party is. They only care about what is getting done for them via their affiliation or membership to any political-party. Again, remember that political-parties and coalitions were merely created by men. But great and righteous political-movements are created by Me. Even the ‘coalitions’, as they call them, are still ‘man-made’. Parties and coalitions are clever-devices of men to join groups of people together, and they then call that a ‘coalition’. Any party that is based mostly on any particular personality is really not fully a viable party or cooperative movement; it is merely a ‘device’ or ‘machine’ used to further one’s own cause. When a party includes many more people, and is designed and designated to be for the furtherance of a bigger-cause that includes benefits for many more diversities of people, than in factual reality, it can be deemed and viewed as legitimate. Parties and coalitions must fulfill their roles in inclusive and not exclusive realities of fulfilling their roles in helping as many people as possible.

  15. God Gives WisdomTo People; And The Governing Of The Nation Needs God’s Anointed Touch Upon Those Individuals That Are Serving; And All The More Importantly Upon Its Top And Highest Leaders.  Yesmy friend, I said “Anointing!” People want to tend to misconceptualize ‘anointing’ to mean ‘ministry-anointing’. But let us consider this. God created everything. Man needs His Intelligence. And man has been given God’s insights and intelligence by His own touch. And just how important it actually is, that people leading multitudes have God’s wisdom, knowledge, understanding; and instructions and the insights necessary to carry them out. You might say then: “Does that mean the person is saved? Is it the Holy Spirit that is working through them?”Well again, you are thinking too much perhaps with regard to ‘church-ministry’. If someone has a brilliant-mind, and they have obviously been touched by God’s Spirit of ‘Wisdom’ as I have prophesied before they would, then is it still not from the same Spirit of Wisdom we know? Of course the source is still one in the same! God told me that He will touch people in government, and that those people are going to be touched by the wisdom of God! And most of them will not be able to trace it back, or relate it back to any pastor, but they certainly can trace it back to me because I am the very one God has used to speak it out into existence here! Amen. They can reference it back to me God’s Prophet because I am the one that got it from God and He has had me speak it forth! So I take great joy and dignity and I can even revel in the fact that God has used me to usher this forth. He is doing this for the people of Kenya. He has used me in this way, so you all can certainly reference this back to me, and relate it to me, somehow. Glory to God.

  16. Pastors And Churches Doing The Old And Dry Song And Dance Routine, Along With A Lot Of Horrific Shouting And Noise-Making, Don’t Really Know What The Real Movements Of The Holy Spirit Even Really Are. God does not have to scream to teach His people anything. He also does not need all kinds of music to move people. And if He does not use certain people to prophesy, then you cannot tag the benefits of prophecy to them. Also, when people get wisdom by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it came from Himself, the Spirit of Wisdom. It came from Him. Did not God make us all? Let us simplify this abit more.If we have any of God’s attributes in us, then where do we think we got them from?The devil? Aliens?Or just ourselves?No, of course it is none of those three. If you have any sense at all, you will have to understand that God is the one that gives us wisdom and insight and understanding. Is that clear? Is not that pretty easy to understand? It is really very simple to see. People should not make things seem too complicated, when God wants us to readily and easily understand His own truth and reality.

  17. The Church In Nairobi Has Become Just Too ‘Spiritually-Dead’Now.  The Church in Nairobi, Kenya and in most parts of the Country has quite unfortunatelybecome ‘basically spiritually-dead, because of the corruptions and compromises that men have done. And even criminal behaviours have been operating and coming out from the lives of just too many preachers around here these days. Things that some do are unbiblical, immoral, unethical and even illegal. So let us not glory in the ‘Church’ so muchright now. The ‘Church’ of late, has become an institution of compromise in just too many cases.If  you find yourself in any ‘spiritually-dead’ place now, because you are there by affiliation or even through some social and/or demonic manipulations or carnal manipulations through gimmicks and things coming from ‘pastors’, you need to pray hard about getting liberated from those bondages. I, as God’s Prophet, will not get mixed up in all those messes. I can also help you or anyone get free from the bondages of men and/or devils. People have gotten used to the rituals of church without experiencing any true move of the Holy Spirit. The tangible touch of the Presence of God does not come in meetings in most places; not even once a year, not even once every five years even now. And if He does try to come to some-place, some-one will have the way at hand to chase Him out! How tragic! God is just so tired of people compromising His Word, Truth and Movements. This must be remedied now. Someone needs to carry His Presence in power. Someone needs to spark revivals and reformations now! More on this later…

  18. GodHas Literally Withdrawn His Hand Even Written ‘Ichabod’Over Many Of The Places And Said: “His Glory Has Departed”. I am already gone from many places now, says the Lord. It’s sad to see that some people keep trying to carry on as if things are ‘ok’ with them, but in actual reality now, God has already left them. Glory, what glory? It is not God’s glory that some speak of,it is their own glory that they are really looking for. And quite unfortunately for them, they will never even find it. Some may perhaps be hoping that God would actually bless something He is not even in! Well He cannot do that. The ‘glory’ of a personality, trying to be something big, has nothing at all to do with God, in reality. God is not in that particular equation. And by the way, it is not going to go well for people that carrying on, acting like they are something, when they are really not much at all.

  19. The Lord Is Now Dethroning From Positions The People That Do Not Have The Glory And Grace Of Heaven Upon Their Life, In Both The Government Arena, And In The Church, Because They Have Compromised In Just Too Many Ways, In Just Too Many Instances.  God’s touch of choosing and appointing, and giving His enablement to somebody to run the nation takes a lot of His direction, insight and wisdom. God is granting those to the one(s) that He sees will actually bring His progressive-movements forward for the Kenyan people and for the Kenyan nation, both locally, nationally and internationally.

  20. God Is Going To Give His Own Supernatural-Wisdom To The Government-People, And To His New-Breed In The Church, That Are Going To Rise Up And Do Many Great Things!  People that will serve must be first ‘pure hearted and pure in motivation for wanting to be a leader for Him.They must be pure in their agenda’s. Their agenda’s must be out of the mold of Heaven for the Earth. This is a very difficult and lofty thought and goal for a nation and people. Societies that came from a post-colonization era, filled with corruption needs serious deliverance! And we are talking about millions of people in the thick and thin of every part of the society that has been affected adversely by all this. They all need deliverance! And God is going to now grant that to them, severally and finally. So shall it be.

  21. Some Pastors Are Anxious Now To Hear From Me About Exactly ‘When’ The True Move Of God Will Finally Commence And Be Manifested.  It is going to happen, but it will take time. The old has to first be brought down and removed before the new can emerge and properly rise up! Preachers ask me: “When do we get raised up? When do others God has anointed get raised up? Who is God going to use? I even had a magazine publisher ask me that question quite some time back, asking me: “Who is it going to be?” I said: “Well, son, it is not going to be ‘bishop so-and-so’ or ‘pastor so-and-so’ or ‘apostle so-and-so. It is not going to be many of them, because they are corrupt. God is now in the process of cutting those ones down. It will not be them in the real move of God. They do not have it. And they will not get it either. In fact, ‘their futures are filled with nothing but devastation, pain and sorrow; because of the pain, sorrow, anguish and loss they have caused to others. They will now be the very ones that will lose all they have. But we know Psalm 37 well, when it consoles us saying: “The righteous will flourish and be blessed, but the wicked will be cut down and cut off!”So shall it be. Afterthis, this gentleman said: “So then, ‘who’ exactly is it going to be, that God will use?” I answered profoundly the following. I said: “It is going to be God!” He looked at me with a puzzled look, as if what I said was not a real answer. People do not ordinarily understand things like that, after being in the midst of so much dryness because of the lack of anointing, because of deep-rooted corruption in their midst. They just want to hear some information about the shallow-circuit where they are ‘living.  So he asked me again, “Who”? I said: “God”. He finally realized I was not going to change my answer, but I think he got the point. If you are not anointed, sit down and disappear. If you are anointed, stand up and perform your duties. That’s it.

  22. God’s ‘Big-Picture’Will Never Co-Exist In Your ‘Shallow-Place’.  You must rise to higher-levels in new-dimensions in God’s Brilliance if you want to move up higher in life. You must also create your own good environments inside of good and positively conducive atmospheres. God’s ‘big-picture’ is in the expanses of all the great things He created for us on the Earth. And He wants to release to us new grace and power to possess and freely enjoy all of His good things. He wants us, His chosen and anointed vessels, to pour out information and revelation from His own Mind and Heart to the right people at the right time, when He sees the people that He feels are qualified to receive it from Him. Sometimes in life you do not always get all you ‘want, but you always do get ‘what you qualify for. Blessing-Opportunities are awaiting you, but have you been qualified in God’s Mind to receive them? Selah…

  23. Write Down Your Dreams And Goals.   Only the top three percent of any society actually has written their goals and dreams down. When you do that, you crystallize what you have written into a working game-plan in your own mind to seeing them fulfilled. If you do not know exactly ‘what it is that you want, you certainly cannot receive it. Habakkuk 2 tells us to write down the ‘vision’ so that people can even read it, and then run with it!The very first person that has to read and run with the ‘plan’ is you! If you do not ‘have it’, how can you then expect others to? You must believe strongly in your own goals and your own dreams; thus they can actually happen for you! Amen! Write down the top-ten things that come to your mind, as you begin writing. You can add to them later. You can prioritize the list later. You add more details into each point after. But start writing right away! Start with the one you feel is most important for you now. By the way, you can adjust your goals as you progress more in life. But start by writing down the ones that are most vital and necessary for you now! I will not tell you mine here, but I assure you, they are extremely powerful! Remember God said that you will always get what you qualify for. Start now by putting your ‘order’ in by writing it down. This is a very powerful tool to getting what you and God want. God wants to take you up to much higher-levels now! Where you have been in life is certainly not good enough!

  24. Every Person That Desires To Have A Great Destiny And Future Hope Must: “Make-Integrity-Their-Middle-Name!” I preached a great prophetic Message recently entitled: “Make-Integrity-Your-Middle-Name!” You really need to do that, my friend! If God sees you have Integrity, then there is nothing good that He will withhold from you! (See Psalm 84:11) When God sees your faithfulness, and He sees you are serious about Him and His Plan, you have then fulfilled part of the qualification-factor that can get you to the next-level! If He sees that He can trust you, and that you are truly hungering and thirsting for righteousness, and His wisdom, knowledge, understanding and intelligence, then He will give you more of all of those! Qualifications on many different-levels, including: your IQ, your persona, your demeanor,and the gifts and talents God has given you, and your schooling and education, and your experience and your training are many levels of qualifications for good-things. Put them all together, and use them all powerfully and wisely, and you have become a ‘walking-success-package’! Amen!

  25. God QualifiesThe One(s) Who Will Actually Be In Office.  I am reminded now, of a friend who said regarding Mr. Kenyatta, ten years ago, when he was running for Presidency in 2002: “You, Mr. Kenyatta, are a ‘king-in-the-making’, but you will have to wait until the time that God has sanctioned for you to be just that.” You see, even he had to be qualified and prepared, over aperiod of time. God develops us through long-journeys in life. This friend said God will develop him, and qualify him for the big-job in the right time and season. He said he would have a great role of leadership, but in the season God had ordained. Mr. Kibaki was quite ready in 2002. And God spoke through me that he was the ‘Joseph’ that would administrate then. And he has done it well now for the last ten years. He was ready. He had been working in the government for many years. And he was ready to be the brilliant civil-servant and economist and administrator with the plans of action. He had them from God really, whether he realizes that enough now or not, and God surely had him implement them. Glory again, to God!

  26. So Now, In This Time Right Now, God Says, That Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta Is The One Who Is Qualified Now, Based On God’s Own Little Set Of Rules.  God has told me clearly that He feels that Mr. Kenyatta is the one that He can work with, for the good of Kenya, for this next season. I have spoken severally about Presidential-Elections before, and I am well-known and renowned for this. I have the most-accurate track-record. And I cannot care, nor give difference or preference to anyone at all, based on anyone’s personal-persuasions. And I will never compromise that! My Integrity before Heaven is what matters most in my life. I live for God. He is my all-in-all, truly. What God speaks forth is His own Sovereign-Plan. And so shall it be.

  27. After Mr. Kibaki’s Presidential Re-Election In Late December 2007, Several People Went Crazy Because What They Seemed To Want Did Not Happen; And What They Did, Put A Real-Dent And Some Deep-Damage Into The Country.  This should never happen again! Violence sweeping the country should not happen ever again! I have prayed sincerely that people here will finally operate fully in self-control. However, quite unfortunately, there is no evidence yet that everyone will do that. But the government says they are ready to crush violence now. Small-percentages of unruly people may think that they can still cause a lot of trouble, but the Kenyan Government will surely quell and quench and crush these evil-operations of people that seem to possess some hell-bent view or right that they can just do whatever they want. But they cannot! Glory again be to God! No one, and I mean no one, has any legitimate-right to break any law of civil-order, in any way, just because of their own crazed-minds and/or selfish-desires. And, God will see to it that they do not get out of hand, even if some choose to die for their foolish ‘cause’.

  28. All Of The Great Developments That Mr. Kibaki Oversaw Were Truly Great For Kenya And Its People. However, There Are Always People That Only Care About Themselves, And Not The Greater Good Of The Multitudes And The Nation. I Prophesy To You Here Right Now: “Those Days Are Now Coming To An End In Kenya!”   I had prophesied in 2007 that God said Mr. Kibaki should continue in Office. That was God’s Will - that was God’s Mind - that was God’s Plan, period. He also saw the mechanisms behind the scenes, in front of the scenes and into every scene and He wanted to continue on-course with bringing about changes in Kenya. What was already happening through Mr. Kibaki needed to continue, regardless of what anyone else wanted for themselves.And Mr. Kibaki could have done even more, but he was hindered a bit, quite obviously, by others. We can never know what all could have been. We will never know now. I might guess that it could have been even nearly twice as much, but again, we will never know now. So it is time to move forward now. It is time now, that the new leadership that will be elected into important offices in Kenya, will cause even much more development and advancement. We go from glory-to-glory! I want to publicly commend and congratulate Mr. Mwai Kibaki for a superb job well-done. May God reward him greatly with His Own Presence and Eternal-Life, for his faithfulness to serve the interests of the Kenyan people well, amen!

  29. False-Accusations Of Poll-Rigging Cannot Be Tolerated This Time.  In 2007, some people shouted, the election was rigged! They shouted oh, these Kikuyu’s stole the Election! That was not true. God said He wanted Mr. Kibaki to continue as Kenya’s President, and he did. He won the election decisively. There is no part of that that any rational person cannot understand. But people went crazy. They started attacking and killing people. We pray this does not happen again now, or ever! Let the government be ready now. The first thing some can try to shout is ‘rigging!’. Election was stolen! I tell you, that is rubbish. It is not true. And the IEBC is in place now to prove that. Let peace prevail. It seems inevitable several will die anyway, but it cannot be like what happened in early 2008. satan, I bind YOU, in the Name of Jesus now! Let us all continue praying for peace now...

  30. God Can Never Be Blamed For The Evil-Things Men And Women Do, Nor Can He Ever Be Blamed For Anyone’s Misconceptions And/Or Deceived-Imaginings.  A certain lady wrote me an E-Mail back in early 2008, after the 2007 Presidential re-election of Mr. Kibaki. I kind of wondered if this particular woman had ‘brain-damage’ or what? She definitely had a serious ‘thinking-problem’. Her ‘thinking-department’ was definitely ‘stuck’ on the lower-levels’. She wrote me asking me: “Is God corrupt?” My Lord, I thought, this is the epitome’ of foolishness! She was actually purporting to ‘accuse’ God, because I had prophesied that Mr. Kibaki should continue as Kenya’s President. Well, of course he did. But people started shouting that the election was rigged and ‘stolen, etc. She actually said: “Is God in the rigging-business?” I can see some of you laughing now while reading this here now. Well friend, laugh on. Not everyone in our world has the Mind of God operating in them, quite obviously. I do not remember now ‘exactly’ all the words that I replied to her, except that they were so strong that she could not dare try to answer back or try to refute God’s Wisdom in me. Oh well!  We must just tell it straight. Being ‘overly-polite’ trying to please and appease everyone’ is both erroneous and compromised. We cannot please everyone, especially as Prophets! We just have to be obedient to our boss and say what He tells us to speak.

  31. HopefullyThe Newly-Formed ‘IEBC’Has Now Done Its Job, In Ending Any Possibilities Of Election-Fraud And Rigging At The Polls.It is always very important that Heaven’s Plan also be legally-enforced! The exact way the perfect Will of God is ordained and destined to be, must happen and be properly ensured and enforced! The counsel that He is speaking and giving needs to happen! Things need to go the Way He has ordained, and they will now! Interesting job I have: “I am Heaven’s Newscaster (or ‘Presenter’, as you like to say here)!” God also uses me to speak things into existence; calling things that are not yet, as though they already are in existence! Very Supernatural!God is directing me to speak them, declare them, and prophesy them out for Him! And what HE says always comes to pass! Amen! Amos 3:7 tells us: “Surely the Lord God does nothing, without first revealing His secrets to His servants,His Prophets!” And because His Prophet speaks on His own behalf, things will go the way God has already predestined and has now said! to be that way anyway? Telling Heaven’s News is my greatest privilege in life. Pro-creatively speaking the good-things He has ordained into existence, supernaturally by the Holy Ghost, is just so magnanimously-glorious! Wow! .

  32. God Never Could Have Had Anything To Do With Election ‘Poll-Rigging.’ He Did However Declare Aloud The Fact And Truth That He Wanted Mr. Kibaki To Continue As Kenya’s President To Effect More Good Changes And Developments For Kenya And Its People, Which He Has Very-Evidently Done.   The ‘poll-rigging’ people claimed happened was never emphatically proven or broadcast by the news media that it had actually really happened, the way some alleged that it did. Let us leave it there.

  33. The Head Of The Electoral-Commission At That Time In 2007 Stuck It Out And Did His Job. They counted an estimated 300,000 more votes for Mr. Kibaki. So, he was then sworn in to continue as Kenya’s rightfully-elected President. But then, unfortunately, as 2008 progressed, all ‘hell’ seemed to break loose against that man. Regardless, he did his job, and I commend him and congratulate him for that. May God be good to him, even with His gift of eternal-life, for upholding his important-role and position in the election-proceedings, which quite obviously, were very vital for the Kenyan Nation and its People. In reality, he did his job. A dear friend of mine in Governmenttold me that gentleman, Mr. Kivuitu, ended up being considered not so popular in certain people’s minds, because of his serious-stance in seeing the Election-Results and their proper-implementations, faithfully to the end. He certainly upheld his position, and the Will of God, for the very fact that God had already fore-ordained that Mr. Kibaki continue as Kenya’s President.

  34. Greater Economic Development Brought About Through God’s Tremendous Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding Will Be Given. And It Will Make KenyaTo Become The ‘Hustle And Bustle’ Place Of Great And Prosperous Commerce And Pro-Creative Progression In Africa.  Amen! So shall it be…

  35. The Thing That The Devil Set Up To Discredit Kenya By What Was Thrown At Mr. Kenyatta And Mr. Ruto Will Eventually Be Overturned!  Furthermore, to say that the world is going to put trade-sanctions just because of this ICC issue will be refuted! It is a fallacy, and not at-all the Will of God. This is nowhere in his plan, except for Kenyans and the world to see that violence hurts everybody, and it should not be done anymore! .

  36. The Gentleman Who Composed “The Tyranny Of Numbers” Said In A Television-Interview That Large Numbers Of People From The Kikuyu And Kalenjin Communities Went Out To Register To Vote In Droves In Support Of Mr. Kenyatta And Mr. Ruto, Respectively, Even All The More, Because They Had Been Attacked! I am reminded here of the great-story in the Bible that tells us that if the demons would have been able to see that crucifying the Lord of Glory would then, in turn, back-fire against them, by His then coming Resurrection, they would have never done it!  I am also reminded here of another great-story in the Bible in the Book of Ether, where the one that set up a trap for another, was then made to fall into it himself! Thus, what the devil meant for evil, to discredit anddestroy some, has once again back-fired on him! So the old saying still stands true. What the devil meant for evil, God turn it for good! (See Romans 8:28) Thanks to Kofi Annan and whoever else put all that together in the ICC ‘attack’ against them. I must tell you, that somehow, even way back from the beginning, I never felt a really permanent threat from this ICC Issue. The division in Kenya over this issue should now just be left with God. Let Him fight the battle. I assure you again here now, *He will…

  37. I Cannot Validate Anyone, Including Mr. Kenyatta And Mr. Ruto, Or Anybody Else For That Matter, Unless I Have Heard From God. I Must Hear Him Having Said The Same. Well, I Have Heard From Him. And I Have Heard Him Say Clearly From Thus Saith TheLord, That These Are The Ones God Is Going To Work With For Kenya’s Next Season Now.  And so shall it be…

  38. On A Sunday-Morning, In November 2009, I Experienced A Special And Quite Meaningful, Heavenly-Visitation From AMighty-Angel Of The Lord.  In this special Heavenly-Visitation, the Angel of the Lord came to me holding a very special Book in his hand. He was looking down intensely at the contents in the Book’s pages. The Book was opened, and I could ‘feel’ that there was very weighty-content that had been written in this Book from Heaven. In this Vision, the Angel then slammed the Book down to the ground! After that, the earth began to crack and vibrate and I could hear thunder! The impact of this Book hitting the ground was so powerful! And I heard the Voice of the Lord speak aloud from Heaven, with authoritative and fierce aggression, saying: “This Book Contains, And Is, My Law For Kenya For The Next Season!” Now, friends, that was in Latter 2009. Then, we saw in August 2010, Kenya’s New Constitution going through!Are you ‘seeing’ this? I am absolutely sure that some of the contents in this Book that the Angel of the Lord carried down from Heaven somehow also got into the New Constitution! God’s Angel threw the Book down onto the ground in Kenya so forcefully, that it even made nature react to it! Of course, we also know that man’ had his hands in the New Constitution, but positively, God got His Laws in there too! Hallelujah! Man devised the New Constitution, but it was definitely also divinely-inspired on many points! Perhaps not everything in there is perfect, but some of it is! God is certainly taking Kenya to its next-level!

  39. God Smashed The ‘No’ Campaign Against The New-Constitution To The Ground. There is a word called ‘trounced’. Trounced means: ‘to be defeated completely, even to the point of humiliation’. Some of the ‘preachers’ that were out in the forefront of that ‘movement’ went into problems and a beginning of decline and demise after that, unfortunately for them. Since that great ‘embarrassment’, and after all the media-coverage in the papers and on TV, and after all the ‘rallies they conducted, no one has ever seemed to hear much from many of them anymore. I tell you, God does not play with these issues that concern millions of lives. You cannot fool around with the destiny of a nation in the ‘name and ‘guise of your own agenda. But the Church has done this kind of foolishness too much here! Some people can be totally ‘off’ and still try to act and carry on as if they are totally ‘on’, when in fact and truth, they are not. Maybe they were just in reality, banding together to get something for themselves? They became ‘preachers’ looking to be power-hungry ‘politicians’? Seems so. Maybe they just had some false-hope of trying to get something’s for themselves out of it all? Seems so. The church ‘banded’together to shout ‘No! I don’t know what really got into their heads. I thought they perhaps just had their own agenda’swith morelust for power, money and prominence. They really had no audience with government-leadership anymore. Government-leaders know fully-well that several that carry on in ‘Church’ are really just  all too often hypocrites, liars,immoral, crooks, and charlatans in the pulpits! Believe me, they ‘know! Of course, all people need God’s real-Anointing, but ‘where is it these days? Maybe they thought that if they would rise up and make their own thing’s, shouting “No, no, no!”, then they might have ended up having their own group, and some more ‘clout’ to negotiate some kind of ‘political-play’s’ for their own interests, but not really for the ‘greater-good’. I really think some of them had ‘that’ in their minds and hearts. Just saying … Inspired-thoughts… Selah…But let us just leave that there.

  40. God Spoke To Me Audibly That Uhuru Will Win This Election. God Had Already Spoken To Me The He Would Be Elected As The Next President Of Kenya In Just A Few Days’ Time From Now.  It did not seem like that would ever happen, if you looked at the supposed ‘polls’ some months ago. Even from 2010, when the ICC Issue began to ‘roar’, who even could have imagined?  Yet God spoke to me then, as I have relayed to you here.

  41. The Lord Will Supernaturally Turn Around The International Problem’s Being Caused. And He Will Nullify All The Noise And Threats Of ‘Purported’ Trade-Sanctions, Etc.  God will keep working on all of that to diffuse it, to the point where it becomes as nothing. Dismissals and fizzling-outsof all of this mess must and will happen, simply because they are not productive for Kenya. it is not that legitimate. By the way I always say this, it is a bit heavy what I am saying here could seem ‘controversial’ to some. But that’s ‘ok. I know this is all could appear to be viciously-fierce Information. But it is from God! Why God has me speak this is purely because He is having me reveal His Plans verbally. That is my assignment. So what can I say but a big and hearty ‘Amen’ to all He is telling me to tell you. .it is all His Words that really matter at the end of the day.

  42. God Will Give His Supernatural-Touch To The Good Kenyan Leaders To Cause Great Forward Movement Through These Guys In The Government.   Mr. Ruto has been known to do very well in the Ministries he has served in. He certainly is a worker, and a man on the job that likes to get things done. He is an intelligent guy, and he also now seems to have some more grace on him from God. I can see it when he makes statements nowadays. He speaks with power and authority. The powerful confidence he exudes now has come from the Lord.

  43. First-Round Or Second-Round?  I cannot say that God has spoken specifically regarding this. However, we can all certainly concur that a decisive-win in the first-round is quite likely to happen, and that would certainly be the quickest and easiest way to get through with this election in one-quick event.A problematic loop-hole arises between the two sides if it does not happen in the ‘first-round’. Also, if people end up not conceding, or trying to say there was rigging and all of that, this can be very dangerous. So we pray it will be completed in the first-round! We do not want any people’s lives or well-being in the balance over this. We are continuing in Prayer…

  44. The Threats And/Or Realities Of Violent-Criminal-Behaviour Must Be Quelled And Quenched Here By The Kenyan-Government Now.  I prayed after seeing a third possibility of violence erupting again in the Vision I experienced in late May, 2007. I saw the possibility of it happening again, but I prayed that it would not happen again. I said publicly, even from more than five-years now, what I saw in the Spirit, but saying and desiring that it should not happen again.

  45. The Lord Had Me Speak On May 29th 2007, In A ‘Live’ Event In Nairobi And I Described In A Vision, While I Was Ministering ‘Live’ On The Platform, An Open-Vision I Received From The Holy Spirit About Three Coming Waves Of Violence I Saw That Would Take Place In Kenya.I told the standing-room ‘only crowd there,the Vision Iwas actually seeing, of three major-waves of violence that would happen in Kenya. Fulfillments=> Number-One: The Mungiki issue in June/July 2007. Number-Two: The ‘post-election-violence’that erupted just after the 2007 Presidential Election. Number-Three: Not happened yet. I pray sincerely that it never happens. We hope d pray that it will be crushed immediately, if anyone wants to act chaotically, causing any violence. God has not instructed me to speak anything further on that issue now.

  46. Corruption Will Continue To Be Broken Now Through TheNew-Constitution’s Righteous-Application And Implementation, Through The New Government And Its Ministries.  The Government-Ministries will be stream-lined through the next government, in accordance to the dictates of Kenya’s New Constitution. Where they had three ministries before, doing perhaps some over-lapping things, and maybe even doing some ‘nepotisms’ may have been in place,putting ‘cronies’ and maybe even friends and relatives in there, there will now be one major Ministry per category of function. If some fought amongst each other,maybe some money was also slipping through the ‘cracks’ too. The New Constitution has slated out that between 15 and 22 Ministries only, can operate as Government-Ministries from now onward.  I heard they had between 37 to 41 in operation before. Some like wildlife and fisheries and forestry should all be combined into one, as a proposed example. In that regard and they have different ones they are going to pull them into one and just have between 17 and 21 Ministries in operation in the fast-upcoming future-days. Somehow, there is wisdom in this stream-lining development. And if this was really divinely-inspired, then please reference this back to the Vision I received in November 2009 of an Angel of the Lord coming to me in the Spirit in Nairobi, with a Book he carried down from Heaven; and then slamming it down on the ground of Kenya with God speaking to me aloud: “This Is My New Law For Kenya!” Then thereafter, only a short ten-months later, Kenya’s New Constitution and was unanimously passed into law by the People of Kenya, with double the vote on the positive-side, with more than a full double percentage more, 69% for Yes, vs. a 31% for No. That was really a thorough-trouncing, with a more than double margin passing-vote. And amazingly, no one person acted ‘untoward during that Election in late August 2010. There was no reported violence anywhere in the whole country. There was no tension in the air either, but it was a spirit of peace that filled the air. We were at a Rally three-days before that Electionon Monday, August 13th, 2010.There was peace in the air  there, I will report to you. There were also no other renowned preachers there except myself, and just two or three others. We prayed ‘officially’ for peace while there. It was glorious. In actual fact, my great preacher friend was asked to pray the official prayer for the Election. I stood there, and with my own eyes, I saw with my own eyes, Pres. Kibaki swaying a little, with his eyes closed, as we all prayed, along with the Prime Minister, Vice President, Deputy Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers and Provincial Commissioners, etc. the top-brass of the Kenyan Government were all there. And I report to you, the tangible Presence of God saturated the air and atmosphere in the entire field that was filled with thousands of people. We all prayed for peace and God performed it for us. The people in the ‘No’ camp were probably just so shocked at how they lost that election, clearly and decisively. The Kenyan People unanimously decided to take the leap forward for progress in our Nation, and that is, in actual-reality, a very good thing!

  47. The Church In Actual Fact Has Become Nearly Irrelevant In Kenya To Most People Nowadays Because Of Their Compromises Of Kingdom Laws And Principles. It is really a sad thing, and it is really very embarrassing too now, that God’s Own Gospel has been so compromised by “preachers”. And for the same to want to conspire to hurt and even try to destroy good and anointed men is just unconscionable, and nearly even beyond belief! If we had not experienced it ourselves, we would never even believe that professing “christians” could ever actually do the horrific evil they do. How tragic. How terrible! They tried to hurt good-people like me, who only came here to bless Kenya and its multitudes of people. But they did not win. We did. And the truly righteous always do, and always will! And, I must add here, that the criminal evil-doers in the “Church” and without, that have done such evil-things are now paying the worst-penalties for their crimes. And in reality, their woes have only really just begun! More details on this are in my Prophecy Book: “Healing The Soul Of The Society! 250 New Prophecies For Kenya For 2012 To 2015 & Beyond!” (Vol.1)You and all others can get your own copies by visiting: www.ThomasManton.com -or- www.FaceBook.com/ThomasManton or by Calling us or SMS’ing us.

  48. I Saw That After Things Get Settled, After The New Government Gets Solidified And Is In Place And Moving Forward; That More Investors Will Surface With Interests In Doing Business With Kenya, In Much Larger-Ways Than Ever Before In History.Much new commerce, much more importing, and several international things will be set up for trade. I see a lot a lot of consumer-goods coming into the country. I foreseeso many good things happening in Kenya. Tremendous market-growth and the massive increases of economic-developmentand upgrades of all infrastructures, and technologies will happen here, and increase tremendously. So shall it be.

  49. I Saw Tourism Really Beginning To Boom Again, In The Next-Season.

  50. I Saw Technologies, Communications And Great-Advancements And Upgrades Traversing The Entire-Country.  I also saw, even from a long-time ago, the development of cities in Kenya. And the entire-country will now leap forward into the modern-age. It is really going to happen here in Kenya, my friends! 
  51. I Saw The Cities Of Kenya Experiencing Great New Growth, And Great New Infrastructural-Development.  There will be brought forthgreat new-growth in the different cities and regions across Kenya. It is really going to be magnanimous. Mr. Kenyatta and Mr. Ruto and the other Ministers will be inspired; I believe and pray, to have a good-diversity of people running forward with vision to work well for all of the People of Kenya. People need to see the value and good that can come through everybody here. And we pray now for the day to finally come where all tribal strife and hatred will be stopped, and put out of Kenya’s societies, once and for all!
  52. Tribal-Strife’s In Kenya Must Cease!  The evil-effects of tribal-strivings, nepotisms, and just plain ‘hatred’ must be erased from the ‘soul’ and ‘psyche’ of the Kenyan societies!  It needs to now begin to be erased! Listen, I am prophesying this right now! All the People of Kenya will begin to say, more and more, that people should not continue in saying ‘this tribe this’ and ‘that tribe that’. People are going to get angry with it all, and even rebuke people for speaking and causing ‘tribal-strife’. If a person is a Luo, it is great that they are a Luo. If someone is a Kikuyu, it is great that they are a Kikuyu. If they are Kalenjin, Kambaa, Luhya, Meru, Embu, Maasai, Taita, Turkana, and/or any other tribe of all the great-tribes, we are all still Kenyans. That is the main-issue. And as Kenyans, let us just try to forget about all that happened adverselyin the past, so we can now move forward as ‘One-Nation’ of People! The trouble that we saw makes us need God’s extra grace to assist us in helping us to just now forget it all. We all need to just grow up now; up and out of it all, once and for all! Of course, it will take some time, but the days of people acting chaotically, based on old-ideologies formed along tribal-lines and political-lines will one-day have become a thing of the past.  This deep-rooted problem that yet remains within the Kenyan societies will be discussed more and more openly from and within the collective psyche’and soul’of the people throughout the Kenyan societies. People are going to start to get passionate and angry about old-injustices, and vocalize continuously for Kenyans to finally stop this tribalism-nonsense that has beleaguered Kenya for just too long. The problem was too troubling in 2007, and here we are now in 2013. But is the problem really even ‘solved yet?  If we see any more outbreaks of chaos now here in 2013, we really do have a very serious problem that still needs to be fixed! It is obvious the problem is there, but if it erupts again now too heavily, it will give so many Kenyans a bad-taste and more of distrust in their ‘former tribal-pride and/or exclusivity in what people call ‘tribalism’, tribal-nepotism’s, and tribal-striving’s in between various tribes and other people. Tribalism that is negative in scope and manifestation must now cease in Kenya! And so shall it be…
  53. Ultimately, ChangesWill Come, Regardless Of Who All Likes Them Or Not.  God is instituting many changes in Kenya. Hopefully in the future, we will be able to look back and see that the changes God had instituted were good! Some may not seem to wantto accept certain things, but changes God deems necessary are always good.

  54. The Tribal And Political Tensions Have Been Like A Literal Powder-Keg That Just Seems To Need Only A Match To Be Struck, And The Fuse To Be Lit, For Violence And Chaos To Erupt. But We Bind The Devil Again Now, And We Pray This Does Not Happen!Again the Lord showed me that Vision of violence, so if it possible to be, then we say now: “Protect us all Lord!” ‘Innocent’ people are the ones who did not start the fight! Let no innocent person die, Lord! Let no innocent people be killed, Lord! Let no innocent people be displaced or attacked or hurt, Lord! So, all this we Pray now, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name!

  55. Again I Say, The Charges Against Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta And Mr. William RutoWill Be Diminished And Finished.   God will see to this! They were charged like they were the murderers, but they did not start the war! They had nothing to do in anything at all, if someone else had not started it! f there was anything to be done in the midst of anything if someone else hadn’t started it. If a certain community that had lost the election had not started attacking others, nothing else would have ever happened. Everyone did not go out on violent rampages after Kibaki was sworn in, but some people did. They went about in a ‘crazed-state’, burninghouses and killing people. They are the ones that started the war, and they were dead-wrong. And now, if they want to try that again, the government is ready to deal with them, full-force. Their own perceived benefits, from their own agendas are still subject to the Law at the end of the day. And I say again here, that any evil-agendas are not going to fly’ this time! Amen!

  56. I Said It In 2007, That God Said That People Without God’s Own Agenda Will Never Be Elected Into High-Office. God’s Plan Can Only Happen Through The Ones He Feels He Can Trust. That Is Just How It Is.  Theones that cannot be trusted and do not have God’s own agenda programmed inside of them cannot be given the authority to reign or govern. People are actually crying to hear this message, and in reality, it is hard for me to say it all. I do not particularly like the warfare that accompanies my sacred-office, but I guess it is part of the assignment. His grace is sufficient. Also, anyone that ever conspires anything against me loses, and they always lose big! And so shall it be, again and again and forever, in Jesus Christ’s mighty Name!

  57. In 2007, When I Went Out To Speak, I Was So Bold, I Was On Top, I Could Not Have Imagined That People Would Want To Try To Cause Me Adversity For What I Had Done In Obeying The Voice Of God.He wanted to use me, so I guess He had to keep some things from me. That is the only way we can describe or try to rationalize or understand how certain-evils could have happened. But God is making up for my pain and suffering, and He is paying me with big-dividends and blessings!

  58. The Seriously-Faithful Will Be Blessed Financially By God; But The Seriously-Unfaithful Will Lose Out And Never Be Blessed By God.  A lot of money that I might not have gotten in a place where I had not sacrificed and paid the price for in such huge ways would still be unfortunate to lose. Whenever God has you fight a battle, it is always for great-spoils! We shall have them,

  59. Lazy, Slow, Compromising, Lackadaisical, Fair-Weather Friends, Stormy-Weather Friends, Spectators, Cowards And Liars Operate Out Of Mere Carnality And/Or By Demonic-Power.   No one, and especially ‘preachers’, ever have any right to slander and to try to discredit , such a special and chosen-one like myself who is doing God’s own great Work, and who is anointed, and who has a pure motivation behind what he is doing. ‘Pastors’ using witchcraft, manipulation and oppression; along with slanders andattacks and conspiracies, cooperating in the evil-mission to try to undermine a Servant of God is just plain evil, and Almighty God will surely judge them for it! Malicious talk and jealousy, along with malicious gossip that is deigned to discredit another is evil! People need to stop these evil-behaviours now, in Jesus’ Name!

  60. Did I Come To Kenya To Suffer? Did I Sign Up For Being A Target For Immoral And Ignorant Infidels? Certainly Not! It Is Quite Evident And Obvious That My Motivations Can Only Be Good And Pure, Because I Am Still Labouring For Kenya. And No One But God Himself Can Ever Make Me Stop Doing That!  It was beautiful from the beginning. I came, and revival erupted! To then see people from inside the ‘Church’ trying to destroy it tells us that they are not servants of the Lord. Selah…

  61. God Is Going To Have The Last-Laugh Now, And We Are Going To Laugh The Longest And The Hardest Too!  Everything is going to go the way God has ordained it to go! And those that do not have His Mind and Heart and Agenda, and are wicked and evil will not end up in positions of power in either the Church or in the Government. God is going to have the‘elections’and ‘selections’ go the way He has ordained! Amen! So shall it be.

  62. God Is Going To Raise Up New People In The Society, And New People In The Church To Do Exploits For Him, And For What He Has Ordained To Be Done Now!  So Shall It Be Done!

  63. God Had Me Say Through Prophecy # 163In My Great New Book: “Healing The Soul Of The Society! 250 New Prophecies For Kenya For 2012 To 2015 & Beyond!” (Vol.1) That: “Jesus Christ Is Supposed To Be Our Real-Celebrity, Role-Model, And Our Supreme Hero! But Do People Really Even See Him In That Light?  *I Say: “We All Should!”

  64. The Real Move Of God Will Be Seen, With His Blessings, Through His Will Getting Done Through People With The Right Motivation And Integrity Of Heart And Mind And Action. This Will Happen In Society And In The Church, And In The Government. And New People Will Now Get Raised Up To Do And Operate In All Of God’s Great Plans And Movements!  Amen! And So Shall It Be!

  65. Great Business Development And Great Entrepreneurial Developments Will Be A Seriously-Empowered New Move Of God In Kenya Now, For Good-People. And The Blessings Of Heaven Will Now Come Upon The Earth And His True People, In New And Greater Ways Than Ever Before! They are now coming upon the earth! Amen!

  66. Great Enrichment, Great Empowerment, Great Prosperity, And Great Development Of Great Things Is Where God Is, Right Now!  He is right there, and he is right here with us, and he is doing it all in magnificent and magnanimous ways now for us, in Jesus Christ’s Marvelous, Matchless, Mighty And Majestic Name!  Amen!

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